With over one billion ears pierced worldwide, Studex have been at the forefront of Ear Piercing technology for over 40 years. Our state of the art piercing systems are easy to use, hygienic and designed to ensure safe piercing.

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System 75 is the premium piercing system in Studex’s product portfolio. Designed by Studex engineers as an easy to use, hygienic, disposable cartridge System, it meets the demands of the professional piercer and consumer. With FREE TRAINING available as part of a Starter Kit purchase, our training representatives are on hand to guide you through the piercing process.

  • Sterile and touch free operation.
  • Disposable single use cartridge.
  • Visible stud inside the sealed, sterile packaging.
  • Gentle action for a quick, painless piercing.
  • System 75 Ear Piercing earrings are jewellery quality.
  • Earrings available in 9ct, 14ct & 18ct Yellow and White Gold, Stainless Steel, 24ct Gold Plated and Titanium
  • Free Training with the purchase of a System 75 Starter Kit
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The Medisept Piercing System is the most innovative Nose Piercing system available. Recognised by local health authorities, the patented design it easy to use, load and maintain without the need for an autoclave and piercing needles.

  • Sterile, touch free loading.
  • Pre sterilised jewellery for safe and hygienic piercing.
  • Visible nose stud inside the sealed, sterile packaging.
  • Full control, accuracy and ease of piercing.
  • Titanium studs with a flared post.
  • All nose studs are titanium with a choice of ‘polished’ (silver effect) or ‘champagne’ (gold effect) in a variety of birthstones and plain styles.
  • Free Training with the purchase of a Medisept Nose Piercing Starter Kit.

Starting your piercing business?

Our Studex Essentials Kit has everything you need to start your Ear Piercing service. This kit offers a straightforward way to make sure you are fully stocked with consumables such as aftercare solution, alcohol swabs and registration forms as well as marketing material.

Studex Essentials Kit
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Studex Plus is the traditional disposable cartridge Ear Piercing system used around the world and has been trusted for decades. Readily used within college training, the Studex Plus system offers a cost effective introduction to piercing.

  • Easy to use system.
  • No contact with the skin.
  • Pre-sterilised with contact free loading.
  • Spring Loaded System for quick piercing.
  • Easy Grip Handle.
  • The Studex Plus system offers a wide selection of ear piercing earrings.
  • Styles available in 24ct Gold Plated, Stainless Steel and Titanium.
  • Available in pairs or as cost effective dozen packs.