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Piercing Partner Focus – Cool Cuts For Kids

We love shining a spotlight on our Piercing Partners and with the school holidays just around the corner, this is great time to put the spotlight on one of our unique Piercing Partners, Cool Cuts for Kids!

Cool Cuts for Kids is a company which specialises in providing haircuts and hairstyling services for children. With a focus on creating a fun and enjoyable experience, they offer a child-friendly environment with colourful and themed salon stations, including car-shaped chairs and video games. Their team of experienced stylists are trained to work with children of all ages, ensuring a comfortable and stress-free experience. Cool Cuts for Kids also offers additional services such as ear piercing, hairstyling parties, braiding masterclasses and first haircut certificates.

They opened their first salon in Crouch End, London in May 2018 and their second salon in Richmond in September 2021 and have seen the demand for children’s services soar! Cool Cuts for Kids key aim is to provide a comprehensive range of services and products that cater to the unique needs of children, ensuring that they leave the salon feeling happy, confident, and looking their best.

The company has been offering Studex ear piercing services in both stores for three years. Ekaterina Bashaeva from the company explains why they chose to work with us “Studex is a well-known and trusted brand in the ear piercing industry.

There are a few reasons why Studex is our preferred ear piercing supplier:

  • Studex uses sterile, pre-packaged earrings and disposable cartridges, which reduces the risk of infection and ensures a hygienic piercing experience.

  • Studex offers a wide range of high-quality earrings made from materials such as surgical stainless steel and 24K gold-plated. The variety of hypoallergenic options allows us to provide our customers with a variety of choices to suit different preferences and sensitivities.

  • The thorough training we received means that our staff are knowledgeable and skilled in performing safe and accurate piercings. They also offer fantastic support and resources to us as their partner, including marketing items and ongoing customer support.

  • Studex has been in the ear piercing industry for over four decades and has built a strong reputation for their expertise and reliability. Many customers recognise the Studex brand and trust it for their ear piercing needs.”

As a company, Cool Cuts for Kids promote their piercing service both instore and online to help inform clients about the additional service they offer, they do this in various ways:


Each store displays attractive and informative signage to help catch the attention of customers and inform them about the availability of ear-piercing services.

Point-of-sale materials:
Placing brochures, flyers, or posters near the checkout counter or waiting areas helps to generate interest and educate customers about the ear piercing services offered.

Staff training:
Ensuring all our staff members are knowledgeable about the ear piercing service and can effectively communicate the benefits and process to customers is a valuable promotional tool.

Visual displays:
The eye-catching display showcases the earrings and jewellery options available.


A dedicated page on the Cool Cuts for Kids website provides detailed information about the ear piercing services, including pricing, safety measures, and aftercare instructions.

Social media:
Using social media platforms to showcase ‘before and after’ photos of ear piercings, sharing customer testimonials, and running promotional campaigns or discounts is a great way to get people talking about the service.

Online advertising:
Running targeted online ads on platforms like Google Ads or social media platforms to reach potential customers who may be searching for ear piercing services.

Email marketing:
Sending out newsletters or targeted email campaigns to existing customers or subscribers, highlighting the ear piercing services and any special offers or promotions.

“We try to create a friendly and inviting atmosphere where customers feel comfortable and at ease”

When considering setting up the ear piercing service, the team at Cool Cuts wanted to ensure the highest quality customer service was created for their customers. To do this the team wanted to create a welcoming and comfortable environment. Ekaterina explains “We try to create a friendly and inviting atmosphere where customers feel comfortable and at ease. We have a clean and well-maintained piercing area, comfortable seating, and friendly staff members who are knowledgeable and approachable. We provide customers with detailed information about the piercing process, aftercare instructions, and any potential risks or considerations. We are offering a free consultation prior to the piercing where customers can address any questions or concerns, they may have, ensuring they feel informed and confident in their decision.”

“We are prioritising safety and hygiene in the piercing customer experience. This includes using sterile equipment, following proper sanitation protocols, and ensuring that all staff members are trained in maintaining a clean and safe environment.”

As with all piercing services, safety and hygiene is a big consideration for the Cool Cuts team “We are prioritising safety and hygiene in the piercing customer experience. This includes using sterile equipment, following proper sanitation protocols, and ensuring that all staff members are trained in maintaining a clean and safe environment. Tailoring the piercing experience to the individual customer’s preferences and needs can enhance their overall satisfaction. This can involve discussing earring options, considering any sensitivities or allergies, and accommodating specific requests whenever possible.”

Keeping in touch and educating their customers is a great way to offer ongoing support “We are providing customers with clear and detailed aftercare instructions, as well as offering ongoing support and guidance, which helps to ensure a successful healing process. We aim to follow up with customers after their piercing experience to check their satisfaction and address any concerns or questions they might have, by which we demonstrate a commitment to customer care.”

Cool Cuts for Kids has seen ear piercing as a way to differentiate their business from their competitors that do not offer the service. It gives the business a unique selling point and attracts customers who specifically seek out establishments that provide ear piercing. They have also found that by offering ear piercing, it attracts new customers who may not have visited the salon otherwise. It expands the customer base and leads to repeat business or referrals.

Summer is the busiest time of year for ear piercing and children’s ear piercing events are a great way to boost your piercing business over the school holidays.

Contact us to find out how you can make the most of your service over the coming months.

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