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Piercing Partner Focus – Aesthetikkaa Ltd

Piercing is a versatile service which can be introduced to an array of different businesses, from gift shops and jewellers through beauty salons and multiple chain retail outlets. Throughout 2024 we are going to focus on a variety of different sectors that have introduced piercing over the years and spotlight their journey to offering a successful piercing service.

The last ten years has seen the rise in Aesthetics clinics opening across the UK and Ireland.  Piercing services are the perfect complimentary service within this sector as cosmetic piercing falls in line with the byelaws requirements. 

Aesthetikkaa Ltd

Established in 2021 by Janine Warner, Aesthetikkaa Ltd are a premier aesthetics and beauty clinic specialising in a comprehensive range of services, including dermal filler, anti-wrinkle treatments, eyelash extensions, eyebrow threading, massages, and professional piercing.  Janine has built her business with a dedicated team of experienced professionals who are passionate about enhancing their clients’ beauty and well-being.

Based in Tewkesbury, the clinic introduced Studex’s System 75 Ear Piercing and Medisept Nose Piercing service to their treatment menu in Autumn 2023 after visiting the Olympia Beauty Show in London.   Having spoken to the team at the show, Janine decided to work alongside Studex due to their renowned reputation for quality, safety, and innovation.  Studex’s sterile piercing instruments and hypoallergenic jewellery provide confidence in their ability to deliver the best possible piercing experience.

Launching a piercing service within an aesthetic setting can be straightforward depending on the treatments already offered within a clinic. 

When launching the service, the team at Aesthetikkaa wanted to prioritise customer satisfaction by offering a personalised and professional piercing experience.  “Our piercers provide detailed consultations, ensuring clients fully understand the piercing process and aftercare procedures. We also offer a wide selection of high-quality jewellery to complement each client’s style and preferences.”

The Piercing Area

The piercing area has been designed to create a unique and welcoming environment for clients.

We employ softer lighting, soothing music and a comfortable seating area to enhance the customer experience.

Spreading the word about their new piercing service was important to Janine.  As a team they promote their piercing services through in-store promotion, the piercing station is positioned near to the clinic’s reception area which sparks conversations about piercing.  Social media is a great way to showcase the clinic’s expertise in piercing and the variety of jewellery options available for clients. Positive word of mouth reviews are also a vital part of sharing the service they have to offer. 

Ear piercing has significantly enriched our business offerings, attracted new clientele, and expanded our customer base. It has also allowed us to cater to a wider demographic, including children who can now enjoy this popular form of self-expression in a safe and professional setting.

Contact us for our expert guidance for how to launch a successful piercing service. 

To discover more from Aesthetikkaa Ltd visit their website here. Or follow them on instagram @aesthetikkaa_tewkesbury