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Male Piercing Focus

Since our founding in 1976, Studex has celebrated the self-expressive beauty of piercings for men, women, and children worldwide. Recently, male piercings have surged in popularity, with men opting for more than just a single ear stud. From multiple ear piercings to nose piercings, there’s a whole new world to explore for Studex Piercing Partners!

Male celebrities like Harry Styles, David Beckham, and Lenny Kravitz showcase their individual styles with piercings, whether it’s a subtle stud or a bold statement piece. At Studex, we offer a variety of styles to suit every taste.

Subtle Styles

For a classic look, choose simple Stainless Steel or Gold Ball studs:

Bold Statement Pieces

Make an impact with our range of gemstones and Cubic Zirconia:

Long Post Styles

Stock a selection of Long Post styles, approximately 2mm longer than regular posts, ideal for customers with thicker ear lobes. This aids in the healing process post-piercing. Consider offering a ‘male’ range to attract more men to your service.

Encourage Repeat Visits

Encourage male customers to return for additional piercings. If they come in for one, suggest marking up both ears to see if they’d consider a pair. Pairs are becoming increasingly popular among men of all ages.

Piercing for Boys

The Studex Super Brave range is perfect for boys and girls. School holidays are the busiest time for ear piercings, with children wanting to emulate their sporting heroes like Marcus Rashford, Phil Foden, and David Beckham. Offering certificates and badges can make their first piercing a memorable experience.

Nose Piercing for Men

Our Medisept Nose Piercing system is a great addition to your service offerings for men. From Polished Titanium studs to Crystal studs, nose piercings are a fantastic service to add. Contact us to learn how to incorporate nose piercing into your treatment menu.

Creating an Inclusive Piercing Area

Design your piercing area with a neutral, contemporary look that appeals to everyone. Ensure strong lighting and follow the best practices from your training.

For more information on making your piercing range and services more inclusive, contact us today!

Stay Tuned!

Watch this space for exciting new collections landing this summer!