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About Studex

The world's largest ear piercing manufacturer


For over four decades, the Studex name has signified trust and safety in Ear Piercing around the world. With over 30 offices worldwide, Studex is recognised globally as the world’s largest manufacturer of Ear Piercing earrings, instruments and after care products.

Studex Ear Piercing systems and hypo-allergenic earrings are manufactured at our state of the art facility located in Los Angeles, CA, USA. Our engineers and designers work together utilising the latest in manufacturing technology to offer the very latest in fashion with the highest quality for consumers. Once completed, every earring and instrument passes through a stringent quality check process to deliver the safest, highest quality Piercing products available.

As the global Ear Piercing leader, Studex is committed to safe Ear Piercing around the world, adhering to rigorous health and safety standards for our products and employees. As a result, all Studex sterilised jewellery meet or exceed US FDA (Food & Drug Administration) regulations and E.U standards.


We are delighted to present System 75 and Studex Plus Ear Piercing Systems, our Medisept Nose Piercing System and Retail fashion earrings.

We pride ourselves on having a highly experienced team of field based Representatives throughout the UK and Ireland, who are there to train and support your piercing business with training and sales. Studex training is available on site across retail, wholesale and college outlets.

FREE training is available with purchase of the System 75 Ear Piercing Starter Kit and Medisept Nose Piercing Starter Kit. Your local Representative will arrange on-site training to ensure all piercers are confident to carry out the service. If you are in the UK, to add piercing to your business, you will need to register with your local council and all businesses need to make enquiries with regards to insurance.

Our Customer Service Team will be happy to assist with any queries. Working with Studex you can be assured of support, every step of the way.


Whatever your line of business, whether a Jeweller, Salon, Retailer or Pharmacy, for example, you have already, or are building, a loyal customer base. By offering an Ear Piercing and / or Nose Piercing service you will increase footfall by encouraging customers to your business. You will also be preventing these customers from taking their business elsewhere, especially a potential competitor. Trust is important with piercing and we are sure that your customers would prefer their piercing experience to be with someone they know and in an environment that they are familiar and comfortable with.

In addition to retaining current customers, you will also attract new customers who will be able to discover the other products and services you have to offer. By adding this new dimension to your business, let us help you boost your sales and revenue!

Ear and Nose Piercing with Studex and Medisept both offer low set-up costs with excellent margins, thereby promising fantastic profit potential. Once the kit has been purchased and training provided you will have everything you need to start turning your investment into profit. The only additional cost will be replacement jewellery and accessories such as cleansing swabs, gloves and after piercing solution.

Customers benefit from full marketing support to promote your services, both on site and through digital media packs. Click here to contact us and one of our Customer Service Team will call or email you back.