Studex Plus Instrument Kit & Display Stand


This kit offers the Studex Plus instrument kit as well as a countertop display to showcase the styles and service. The traditional piercing system, Studex Plus has been trusted for decades and offers a cost-effective introduction to piercing.

The retail stand has 18 pairs of earrings, with additional styles that can also be purchased in dozen packs.

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Studex Plus Instrument Kit & Display Stand includes:
– Studex Plus Instrument Kit: 1 piercing instrument, 24 Medical Antiseptic Swabs, Non Toxic Studex Marking Pen, 15 Page Registration booklet
– 1 Box of After Piercing Lotion (12 x 50ml Bottles)
– 15 Page Registration booklet
– Display stand including 18 Pairs of Studex Plus Piercing Earrings (6 Different styles)
– Promotional material