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System 75 Starter Kit

The System 75 Starter Kit provides you with everything you need to start and promote your Ear Piercing service, including FREE Training.

This Special Offer Kit includes a selection of 18 best selling earrings across all ranges, including 9ct Gold, 9ct White Gold and Titanium as well as onsite training at a time and date convenient with you.

As a Studex customer, you can be assured of the highest quality products, training and support!

Contact us on 0800 252172 or email to find out how to book your System 75 Training.

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Your complete System 75 Starter Kit
Kit includes:
2 x Ear Piercing Instruments
1 x Marking Pen
18 Bottles of After Piercing Solution (50ml)
1 x Ear Piercing Display Board
1 x Surface Disinfectant 750ml
1 x Hand Sanitiser 500ml
1 x White Mirror
1 x Client Registration Book & Aftercare Instructions
1 of each:
7509-3005 9ct Gold 4mm Ball
7509-3065 9ct White Gold Tiff. 3mm Cubic Zirconia
7509-3095 9ct Gold Tiff. 5mm Cubic Zirconia
7509-3104 9ct Gold 3mm April Crystal
7509-3050 9ct Gold Tiff. Pink Cubic Zirconia
7509-5103 9ct White Gold Tiff. 3mm March Aquamarine
7509-5204 9ct White Gold Bezel 3mm April Crystal
7509-7004 9ct White Gold 6 Stone Daisy Crystal
7531-0300 Gold Plated 3mm Ball
7511-0110 Gold Plated Tiff. 3mm October Rose
7511-6410 Gold Plated 6 Stone Daisy April Crystal – Rose
7512-0104 Stainless Tiff. 3mm April Crystal
7522-0304 Stainless 4.5mm Fireball Crystal
7512-0300 Stainless 4mm Ball
7512-6399 Stainless 6 Stone Daisy Light Sapphire
7513-0204 Polished Titanium 4mm Bezel 3mm April Crystal
7533-0300 Polished Titanium 3mm Ball
7511-0204 Gold Plated 4mm Bezel 3mm April Crystal
Contact us on 0800 252172 or email to find out how to book your System 75 Training.