System 75 Starter Kit


Our Standard System 75 Starter Kit comes with FREE Training and everything you need to launch a successful Ear Piercing service. Carefully selected to make the process as easy as possible, you will receive all your piercing essentials, together with a selection of best-selling earrings, aftercare solution and a marketing pack to support your business.

As experts in our field, we can offer our Partners a comprehensive service and remain on hand to help you to offer customers a safe, gentle and sterile experience.

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Your complete System 75 Starter Kit
Kit includes:
2 x Ear Piercing Instruments
1 x Marking Pen
18 Bottles of After Piercing Solution (50ml)
1 x Ear Piercing Display Board
1 x Surface Disinfectant 750ml
1 x Hand Sanitiser 500ml
1 x White Mirror
1 x Client Registration Book & Aftercare Instructions
1 of each:
7509-3005 9ct Gold 4mm Ball
7509-3065 9ct White Gold Tiff. 3mm Cubic Zirconia
7509-3095 9ct Gold Tiff. 5mm Cubic Zirconia
7509-3104 9ct Gold 3mm April Crystal
7509-3050 9ct Gold Tiff. Pink Cubic Zirconia
7509-5103 9ct White Gold Tiff. 3mm March Aquamarine
7509-5204 9ct White Gold Bezel 3mm April Crystal
7509-7004 9ct White Gold 6 Stone Daisy Crystal
7531-0300 Gold Plated 3mm Ball
7511-0110 Gold Plated Tiff. 3mm October Rose
7511-6410 Gold Plated 6 Stone Daisy April Crystal – Rose
7512-0104 Stainless Tiff. 3mm April Crystal
7522-0304 Stainless 4.5mm Fireball Crystal
7512-0300 Stainless 4mm Ball
7512-6399 Stainless 6 Stone Daisy Light Sapphire
7513-0204 Polished Titanium 4mm Bezel 3mm April Crystal
7533-0300 Polished Titanium 3mm Ball
7511-0204 Gold Plated 4mm Bezel 3mm April Crystal
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