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Considering getting your ears pierced?

In the first month of lockdown, there were 110K searches of ‘how to cut your own hair’, that’s a 613% increase on the previous year! As the weeks of lockdown in the UK passed, it was clear we all missed our local salons, jewellers, hairdressers, nail techs and, well, the list goes on. 

If getting your ears pierced is now on your post-lockdown list, then here are the main things to consider to ensure you have the best experience possible. 

There are a variety of options available to you, from high street retailers, to jewellers, pharmacies, salons and piercing studios. Whichever you choose, make sure it’s an environment you and/or your child feel comfortable in. This means it might be somewhere you’ve visited previously, perhaps a salon you use or a jeweller you’re fond of. If you’ve been pleased with the service you’ve previously received, that’s a big tick, but make sure you feel confident in the level of service for the piercing itself as well as the aftercare support they offer. Many piercers will now also require you to book ahead in order for them to limit numbers in the piercing area and ensure social distancing. Check out their website, social media or give them a call to confirm their process. 

Do your research. UK businesses offering ear and/or nose piercing services should be registered with or licensed by their local council. If the premises have demonstrated the appropriate hygiene measures and best practice, and the piercers have received the relevant training, then they will have been issued with a certificate. Don’t be afraid to ask to see this if you are unsure. In the current COVID-19 climate, piercers will also be wearing protective visors and masks and frequently cleaning workstations.

A first ear piercing should be a really lovely and memorable experience. Whether the piercing is for you or your child, make sure you feel confident in the piercer’s ability – you can ask questions about the training the piercer has undertaken. At Studex, we offer comprehensive training and support to our partners, not only on best practice and how to carry out piercing confidently, but also how to make the experience something to celebrate!

Aftercare – definitely not an afterthought! Enquire about the aftercare package available. Is the piercer able to provide you with comprehensive advice on how to look after your child’s or your own piercing?  Is there an aftercare solution available for proper cleaning? Aftercare makes all the difference, so make sure your piercer is set up to offer you the tools you need.

Once you’re happy with the business and piercer you’ll be going to, it can be helpful to find out about the experience in general and the way the piercing will be carried out. Systems such as Studex 75 are designed to offer a safe piercing with sterilised jewellery and no contact between the piercing instrument and the skin. Studex 75 is also very gentle with no loud noises! If you’re taking your child for their first piercing, some piercers will offer added extras for a first piecing like stickers and certificates to make it a celebratory occasion. 

A Studex piercer will be able to talk to you about the benefits of each metal, including 18ct and 9ct Yellow and White Gold as well as Titanium and base metals. There’s a huge selection of earrings available. Consider the benefits of a Gold piercing – especially for that all important first piercing. They look beautiful and offer a keepsake for life. 

To recap, here’s a quick check list of points to review when considering getting your ears pierced:

  • Comfortable and safe environment 
  • Registered/licensed with the local council 
  • Hygiene and training certificates
  • Confident the piercer has had the appropriate training 
  • Clear guidance on aftercare 
  • Safe system for piercing 
  • Great range of earrings 
  • Option for celebratory extras like stickers and certificates