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The next generation of piercing aftercare

NEW and available for Studex Piercing Partners, Studex ADVANCED Piercing Aftercare is here to deliver the ultimate in post piercing care and protection, allowing you to change your jewellery quicker!

So why is Studex ADVANCED so special?

With the dermatologist tested formula, you can safely change your ear lobe piercing in 3 weeks and your cartilage piercing in 8 weeks!!  

Save time on the piercing aftercare process, safe in the knowledge that Studex ADVANCED is looking after your piercing.

Based on proven science and dermatological research and development, Studex ADVANCED is effective and skin compatible, making it as safe for that first, memorable child’s experience as for a 5th or 6th piercing!

How does it work?

The solution benefits from ‘next generation’ cleansing and antimicrobial chemistry.  “Antimicrobi-what????” we hear you ask!  Here comes the brief chemistry overview ….  It simply means ‘active against microbes’ which in turn means that it kills micro-organisms such as bacteria and fungus, keeping your new piercing safe and hygienic.

The chemistry ensures that the product cleans the skin without stinging the new piercing site and closes the pores, sealing the skin.  This helps to protect the new piercing throughout the skin recovery period and beyond.  Designed for use immediately post piercing, Studex ADVANCED can be used to continue to cleanse the skin after changing the jewellery.

Not only that, but it contains a unique hypochlorous technology that mimics your body’s own immune system.  Produced in the white blood cells, hypochlorous is created in the body to fight infection and for your new piercing will keep the skin clean without toxicity.

So, with talk of chemistry, how safe is this to use on my ears?

Well, it’s skin safe!  Studex ADVANCED utilises a unique healthcare derived technology to protect and nurture the skin.  It has an amazing oxidising agent that uniquely has a skin neutral pH which means that it is highly effective in preventing complications, but is also safe for all skin types:

  • Skin neutral pH
  • No alcohol
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty FREE
  • Non irritant
  • Hypoallergenic

With the world focused on hygiene, safety and cleanliness, you can rest assured that by working with your body to protect your new piercing, Studex ADVANCED is a fast acting piercing aftercare with superior cleansing.  Ask your Studex Partner for further information about how Studex ADVANCED can enhance your ear piercing today!

For our Studex Piercing Partners, contact us today to find out more about a fantastic launch offer not to be missed.  Email, call 01733 232350 or use our Live Chat function on