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Your go-to guide to looking after your piercing

When you enjoy a piercing experience with a Studex system, you know that it is safe and sterile, with your Practitioner trained by one of our experts to follow best practices including currently, additional COVID-19 measures. Rest assured that the jewellery is all pre-sterilised with contact free loading to ensure a hygienic and comfortable piercing.

As part of our professional piercing service, your piercer will take you through a consultation form which explains the process and importantly the key steps for aftercare advice. They will also discuss the option in aftercare solutions for you; with the traditional After Piercing Lotion as well as the recently launched Studex Advanced Aftercare for accelerated skin recovery!  Only the best for Studex customers!

As a customer, you will be provided with your own copy of aftercare instructions as a reminder of what needs to be done daily to promote the perfect post piercing environment. Take note on what you need to do and ask any questions.  You can also find information on our website here.

Given that we know that the piercing process itself is hygienic and the jewellery is sterilised, we need to highlight the importance of what you need to do at home to look after your sparkly new piercing so we have broken it down for you!

Always wash your hands before touching or cleaning your new piercing! It is super important to not introduce dirt and bacteria!Touch or play with your new piercing unnecessarily. Give it time to settle and heal, just cleaning and moving as advised.
Clean the piercing site 2 to 3 times per day, making sure you clean properly between the skin and the jewellery – front and back! Think that by having a shower means that your piercing has been “cleaned”.  Rinsing while washing isn’t enough to look after your new piercing. You should be using your chosen solution and cleaning properly!
Make sure that you remember to rotate your jewellery, little half turns with clean hands every time you clean the area. This movement reduces the risk of embedding. Twist your earrings round and round which could lead to hair becoming stuck around the butterfly and making your piercing site sore. Gently does it!
Keep checking that you have not moved the butterfly along the post and that it remains in position, making sure you are cleaning the butterfly too. The design is open to ensure that nothing gets trapped inside and to allow you to clean it more thoroughly. Push the butterfly along the post. It is positioned in the right place at the time of piercing to allow for adequate cleaning and space should the ear swell slightly after piercing. Pushing it towards the back of the ear can lead to the jewellery becoming embedded and irritation at the back of the ear.
Keep the jewellery in for the recommended length of time. Note, this will be less with purchase of Studex Advanced which allows you to change your earrings sooner. Amazing! Remove the jewellery before the timeframe advised on your consultation form. Trying to change them too soon could lead to the hole closing and problems caused when trying to introduce different jewellery. Be patient or if you can’t wait to swap your jewellery, ask your piercer about Studex Advanced.
Make sure you clean your new piercing after swimming and exercising, as well as making sure that when showering you rinse around the jewellery to make sure there is no build-up of soap or shampoo. Change your earrings after the healing period for any hoops or heavy drop earrings. You should continue to wear hypoallergenic, high quality, post style / straight earrings for the first few months.
Take care when brushing your hair and if you are wearing headphones / earphones. You don’t want to knock your new piercing, especially in the early stages!
If you are wearing a mask or face covering, again take care not to catch the front or back when putting them on and taking them off. You should also pay extra attention to cleaning around the back of the ear near the loops.

Do remember that the aftercare is essential to promote safe healing for your new piercing. Your piercer can help you with any post piercing queries, however if you notice any swelling, irritation or redness you may be asked to contact your nearest medical centre for advice.

The recent launch of the brand NEW Studex Advanced is the ultimate in aftercare products. Skin safe and dermatologist tested, the revolutionary formula accelerates skin recovery allowing you to change your ear lobe piercing in 3 weeks and cartilage in 8 weeks, meaning less time for aftercare.  Studex Advanced significantly soothes and calms the skin straight after piercing and reduces redness and inflammation to protect the new piercing.

Studex Advanced offers you the best after piercing solution on the market! If you are a Studex Partner, find out more today by contacting us.