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5 things to consider before launching a piercing service…

At Studex we aim to make the launch of a piercing service as simple as possible but here are 5 key things to think about when you start to explore the options:

1. Which system shall I invest in?

Always take the time to research the different systems for piercing that are available.  Your decision may be based on whether you are looking to pierce with precious metal such as 9ct Gold, your budget or simply if the system looks good.  Also, if you currently offer Ear Piercing, you could consider adding Nose Piercing to your current treatment menu as a point of differentiation from your competitors. 

The key facts to consider are the authenticity and safety of the system.  Piercing instruments should be easy to clean, pierce without direct contact with the skin, use only sterilised jewellery and have disposable components.  Check credentials with suppliers, for example Studex systems are manufactured to FDA (Food and Drug Administration) Medical Grade standards in the USA.  In addition, earrings are compliant with the EU Directives relating to Nickel release as well as other elements such as cadmium and lead and hold a certificate of conformity from Sheffield Assay Office.  Quality, safe, hypoallergenic earrings assured.

When booking training for a new system always deal directly with the Supplier and never purchase second hand or online.

2. Registering your new service

Within the UK, businesses offering ear and nose piercing need to register with their local council and meet local bylaws.  (Republic of Ireland is exempt from this process).  Conditions vary depending on the local authority, with details available on the council website so ensure your premises meet the stipulated requirements.  The registration process does have a cost implication with a premises licence on average £150 and some councils have an additional cost per piercer.

Basic requirements include a hygienic and easy to clean work area, hand wash facilities and a waste bin.

Studex have always been dedicated to representing the industry with local councils so are in the best position to help you with advice on moving forward with an application and assisting with any queries you have.  The Studex and Medisept brands are well known by local councils who are also familiar with our in depth training programmes and best practice standards.

3. Training

This should be part of your research into the system you choose to pierce with, as training is fundamental to safe and successful piercing.  Your local council will expect to see a copy of your training certificate and will also visit and ask you a few questions based on best practice and procedure which is all covered with your Studex training.

We are incredibly proud of our experienced Regional Training Team who provide the highest level of training.  Several of our Trainers have over 20 years in the industry, so you really are learning from the best!

We will travel to you to deliver your one to one training and can include as many members of staff as you would like trained to pierce.  Your Trainer will liaise with you directly to accommodate the best day and time to meet your business needs.  

FREE Training is included with both the System 75 Ear Piercing and Medisept Nose Piercing Starter Kits.  On completion, each newly trained piercer will receive a certificate that is recognised by local councils and you can launch your service, safe in the knowledge that you have a Regional Trainer to turn to for any queries.  Confidence in the process and selling are the key to success!

In line with current Government guidelines, our Trainers and Customer Service Team are on hand to offer advice to ensure your piercing service adheres to best practice within your business setting.  For further information please contact our head office on 0800 252172 or email

4. Marketing

Once you have chosen your system, registered with the council and had your training, the next step is to make sure you shout about your new service!

If you do not promote that piercing is available, how will customers know that you offer it?  As a huge footfall driver, you should be promoting ear and / or nose piercing across all your channels with clear signage in your premises, adding information to your website and through social media.

Our recently launched MEDIA HUB is a valuable tool and is available free of charge for all registered Studex customers.  The MEDIA HUB is there to provide customers with a fantastic range of marketing tools, including images to share on social channels and downloadable posters.  The marketing collateral will be updated with new material seasonally. 

By launching your piercing service with Studex, we will be able to supply you with in store marketing as well as a digital media marketing pack for you to let everyone know about your fantastic new service.  Posters, leaflets and add-on marketing tools such as Brave Kid Certificates and Teddy Bears are all available to enhance your business.

5. Support

A key consideration when investing in a piercing system is to ensure that the company you are going to work with continues to support you and your business and offer fast delivery and quality products.

At Studex, we have built our business on providing our customers, whether a retail chain or an independent salon or jeweller with the same level of customer service.  By choosing Studex as your piercing partner you can be sure that you will receive support from your local Trainer as well as the highly experienced customer service team at head office.

All our customer service advisors are fully trained in all piercing systems and have a combined total of over 100 years’ experience which means we can offer unrivalled advice on how to launch and sustain your piercing service.  Whether you have a question from a customer or have a query about a new style, we can guarantee a quick response and ongoing support.

Studex are proud to offer the highest quality systems and products as well as the full training and support package to all our valued customers.

Find out more today by speaking with one of our customer service team on 0800 252172, emailing or using the Live Chat function on our website