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System 75 has been designed by Studex engineers as an easy to use, hygienic, disposable cartridge Ear Piercing System to meet the demands of the professional piercer.

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Sure Grip

The System 75 instrument is designed to fit comfortably in the hand for accurate piercing.

Visible Stud

The stud is always visible inside the sealed packaging and when loaded in the instrument for ease of identification.

Visible Point

The point of the earring is clearly visible in the cartridge for pinpoint accuracy when piercing.

Perfect alignment every time

One piece cartridge gives smooth operations and ensures correct alignment of the earring with clasp.

Ultimate Hygiene

The System 75 cartridge is designed to be loaded in the instrument while still inside its sterile package, providing touch free operation

Completely disposable

The single use System 75 cartridge is completely disposable and cannot be reused. Safe for the piercer and consumer.

Hand pressure

The patented design provides a gentle action for a quick, painless piercing. The ear is pierced, and the clasp installed automatically (making it virtually fool proof).

Simultaneous piercing

System 75 provides two instruments, for simultaneous piercing. This is especially important when piercing young children’s ears.

Piercing Earrings

System 75 Ear Piercing earrings are jewellery quality and are designed to be worn after the piercing period too. Earrings for life. A variety of styles available in 9ct, 14ct & 18ct Yellow and White Gold, Stainless Steel, Gold Plated and Titanium.

Studex offers a fantastic Starter Kit with FREE Training to introduce System 75 to your business. Click here to find out more.


Studex offers a fantastic Starter Kit to introduce Studex Plus to your business. Click here to find out more.

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Easy to use system with no contact with the skin.

Spring Loaded

For quick piercing with minimum discomfort. The traditional ear piercing system.

Easy Grip Handle

Designed for comfort and precision piercing.


Spring action pierces rapidly, automatically installing the butterfly into the correct position.


Hypoallergenic piercing earrings which are pre-sterilised with contact free loading.


The Studex Plus system offers a wide selection of ear piercing earrings (link to Studex Plus Earring Selection) available in 24ct Gold Plated, Surgical Grade Stainless Steel and Titanium. Available in pairs or as Dozen packs making them cost effective.

Studex Plus is the traditional disposable cartridge system used across the world and has been trusted for decades.


The Medisept Nose Piercer is the most innovative system available. Recognised by local health authorities, the patented design makes it easy to use, load and maintain without the need for an autoclave and piercing needles.

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State of the art

The ultimate in Nose Piercing systems with pre sterilised jewellery for safe and hygienic piercing.

Visible Point

The point of the nose stud is clearly visible to ensure accurate alignment for piercing.

Ultimate hygiene

Medisept Nose Piercing cartridges are loaded in the instrument inside the sterile packaging with touch free loading.

Hand pressured

The instrument provides full control, accuracy and ease of piercing, while being gentle on your client’s nose.

Titanium Jewellery

All jewellery is titanium for optimum healing with a choice of ‘polished’ (silver effect) or ‘champagne’ (gold effect) and a variety of birthstones.

No butterfly

Titanium studs have a flared post as a safer alternative to a butterfly clutch.

Studex offers a fantastic Starter Kit with FREE Training to introduce Medisept Nose Piercing to your business. Click here to find out more.


Studex offers two fantastic retail options to compliment your ear piercing service.

Both the Sensitive range and child friendly Tiny Tips collection are made of the finest grade surgical stainless steel and 24ct Gold in Los Angeles, California, USA.

For over 4 decades Studex has been a trusted maker of allergy free fashion earrings for people with sensitive ears. Offer your customers the safest in post piercing fashion jewellery for piece of mind.

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Enhance your piercing service with a beautiful retail stand of Studex Sensitive Earrings.

Over 150 styles available.


24ct Gold and Surgical Grade Stainless Steel.

24 dazzling Cubic Zirconia styles.

Secure butterfly.

Perfect add on retail opportunity.

Retail Stands available.

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For your younger customers, offer the choice of sterilised, hypo-allergenic earrings to care for little ears.

36 styles available.

Hypo-allergenic and sterilised.

Smaller earrings ideal for children.

24ct Gold and Surgical Grade Stainless Steel.

Secure butterfly.

Perfect add on retail opportunity.

Retail Stands available.