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Getting ready to make the best from your piercing service – Re-launching your piercing business post COVID-19

Piercing services are back in full swing in the UK and Ireland and although it may look a little different out there, Studex partners are continuing to provide a safe and hygienic service and an experience for their customers to remember.  

Safety and confidence remain of paramount importance which is why our whole team are on hand to support our partners through these uncertain times as piercing services relaunch.

Summer holidays remain the prime time for parents to get their children’s ears pierced and by choosing one of our Studex partners, parents can be confident that safety and a positive experience is at the heart of the process.

The established Studex training programme, delivered by a team of experts, has always provided our piercing partners with a comprehensive step by step guide to hygienic piercing and guidance with health and safety compliance. Studex Training focuses on how our partners can promote a safe and enjoyable experience for customers, while creating an event that will be remembered. Contact our Training Co-ordinator if your business needs additional training support.

Our Training team remain available for anyone looking for additional training and guidance – all delivered adopting updated training practices in line with Government guidance.

As part of our Business Ready campaign, Studex Partners have access to an incredible range of tools to both promote piercing services and demonstrate the safety of the system and process to customers. A comprehensive document highlights the piercing steps already in place as well as new measures that should be considered and adopted, which include:

Aftercare advice is key to wrap up the perfect service. Customers need to understand what they should be doing to protect their new piercing with the offer of aftercare solutions and demonstrations. Post piercing support is important for customers when choosing their piercing destination, knowing they can contact businesses for advice and assurance.

When it comes to offering a first-class piercing experience, Studex has a range of marketing extras, including certificates for children, stickers and teddy bears, as well as retail lines with the hypoallergenic fashion range “Sensitive” and the children’s “Tinytips” selection of sterilised earrings. Perfect for post piercing and safe for ears!

For further information on piercing guidance please do not hesitate to contact us – we have everything you need! Our Training Team are also available for your training needs.

If you are looking for a Studex Piercing Partner near you, please call us on 01733 232350, email or click the live chat button in the bottom right. 

We stand by our customers’ side with advice, guidance, and great customer service! Studex – for piercing you can trust!