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The Studex Lookbook – piercing inspiration

Multiple piercings and The Curated Ear are all the rage. The 1st lobe piercing position, will typically be your first. Space permitting, you should be able to fit a second earring in the 2nd lobe position and then depending on your ear shape and size, you may be able to fit a third, or even fourth piercing into this area of the ear. Remember, for your lobe piercings, you can use Studex Advanced to change your piercing in just 3 weeks. Depending on the fold of your ear you may also be able to have one or multiple Upper Flat Cartilage Piercings.

With all the options out there, we’ve created a brand new ‘Lookbook’ area of the website, offering inspiration for your next piercing. Up to date with all the latest trends, the lookbook is the perfect place to find inspiration for both you and your clients. Click directly on each image for product details and shop straight from the lookbook.

Our first lookbook focuses on three timely trends

You are Golden

You Are Golden celebrates all things individuality and personality. We believe that all that glitters can absolutely be GOLD with Studex!

This section of the lookbook covers our extensive selection of high quality 18ct, 14ct and 9ct Yellow and White Gold earrings

Summer Sunshine

Summer Sunshine is all about soaking up the last of those long summer days and nights.

These looks are inspired by special summer days with friends and family, enjoying time in nature with great food & drink and big smiles. The simple days you fondly reminisce about as the days start to get colder.

Autumn Leaves

Afternoon walks amongst fallen leaves, the smells of cinnamon and bonfires in the crisp air, returning home to warm up with your favourite drink.

Autumn leaves looks towards the coming months with open arms. As the days draw in, let colour enhance your ears. With a kaleidoscope of tones and hues available in both piercing and retail ranges, find your perfect colour palette, and be inspired!

We’ll be updating the lookbook every season with the latest trends, making it easier than ever for you to shop the hottest looks and classic pieces. Make sure to follow us on social media to hear the latest developments, first.