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How to look after your new ear piercing

You’ve deliberated, you’ve saved up, the anticipation and excitement has been building, it’s time to get that new piercing! We know the first thing on your mind when you finally get that new ear piercing probably isn’t aftercare 101, but it is super important! On the day, your technician will take you through everything you need to know about looking after your new piercing. Your Studex piercer will let you know the daily steps to follow and the main ‘do’s and don’t’s’ to be aware of as well as giving you the steps to follow to take home with you. Here’s an overview of what to expect.

A post-piercing must have is the Studex After Piercing Lotion. Your technician may also stock Studex ADVANCED Piercing Aftercare.

This revolutionary wonder formula promotes accelerated skin recovery and reduces the risk of redness and inflammation allowing you to change your ear lobe piercing after 3 weeks rather than 6!

When looking after your ear piercing here are some key steps to follow:

  • Wash hands thoroughly before touching the jewellery or ear.
  • Cleanse the front and back of the ear 2 to 3 times a day with your chosen Studex Aftercare Solution.
  • While cleaning, rotate the jewellery 2 to 3 times, 180° left and 180° right i.e. half a turn only, thus avoiding hair wrapping around the post at the back of the ear.
  • In between cleaning, the ear should be kept dry.

For further information, visit our Aftercare page and check out more FAQ’s. Free from parabens, alcohol, dyes and more, there’s so much to discover the revolutionary Studex ADVANCED PIERCING Aftercare.