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The Curated Ear

Let’s Talk about the ‘Curated Ear’, a trend which has been with us for a couple of years, but is showing no signs of going away any time soon!

The ‘Curated Ear’ trend, is an art form that is completely unique to every individual. The styling opportunities are limitless, meaning no two curated ears are ever the same… what better way to communicate individuality and personality – intricately pierced ears are the new fashion statement.

For your client’s, whilst there are no specific rules when it comes to styling your curated ear, we would usually recommend piercings to be symmetrical, but with the curated ear, listen to your client’s requests, there no limits to your artistic flair.

Once the ears have been pierced and the at home after care guidance has been followed and completed, client’s should be encouraged to style their ears to showcase their style and creativity. When you’re talking to them about The Curated Ear trend, there are some popular piercing groupings which could serve as great inspiration. Here are a couple of our favourites:

Known as ‘The Cluster’, this Curated Ear is for those who would prefer not to get their cartilage pierced and instead stick to the ear lobe area. We love a mixture of studs and huggie hoops together for a real impact. 

If a client is after something a little more minimal and understated, try a selection of small studs across the lobe, keeping the metal consistent throughout. 

Another favourite, known as ‘The Gradient’, this sees piercings evenly spaced across the entire edge of the ear. It may sound overwhelming but actually offers an elegant and simple aesthetic, especially when done with either simple studs or huggie hoops.

This diagram refers to the recommended placement for piercing holes on the earlobe and cartilage.

A thorough consultation should be carried out when a client is looking for piercings in the highlighted area. Checking front and back to ensure that there is space and that the area is flat enough for the jewellery to sit properly. Piercings may not be possible on a lot of people due to the depth of the area.

Here’s some further guidance to consider.

There are currently no set guidelines for performing more than one piercing at a time, nor age limits for ear piercing. It is a legal requirement for every client under the age of 16 to be accompanied by their Parent or a Legal Guardian. You should ask for ID if you are not confident that the client is old enough to sign for their own piercing.

For cartilage piercings, you should wait the full healing period of 8 weeks with ADVANCED / 12 weeks with Standard before performing a second cartilage piercing.

We would recommend that a second lobe piercing should only be performed on anyone over the age of 10 years old. As always, the minor should be accompanied by their Parent or Legal Guardian.

Please note that the minimum age recommended for cartilage piercing, when accompanied by a Parent or Legal Guardian is 14 years old.

 Don’t forget, our Studex ADVANCED Piercing Aftercare means earrings can be changed sooner – this has been a real winner with so many customers! Check out our ‘Going all Out’ Super Style postcard, to offer your client some ‘earspiration’ to take home.