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Inspire and celebrate your customers this Summer

With summer upon us, the excitement and anticipation around piercing services is buzzing.

The summer holidays offer the perfect opportunity for that momentous first piercing or making a statement with additional stylish piercings. As a business, you take the time to make sure that you have enough jewellery stock and piercing consumables but should also make sure that you are really promoting and selling your professional service to current customers and attracting new ones.

Working with our customers, we can supply you with everything you need to promote your service and make your own customer’s experience one to remember! Here are a few of the ways we can help you:

  • Recently revamped Super Brave Kids Certificates, Stickers and First Earring Keepsake Cards as well as the ever popular Studex Teddy Bears.
  • For older children and teenagers, we have just launched the Studex ‘Super Style’ campaign. This collection includes inspirational style postcards with multiple piercing images, QR codes for aftercare and handy Eco-friendly draw string bags to store solution.

The marketing give-aways are available individually or as part of special offer packages. In addition to the physical marketing tools you can give customers, we have also gone above and beyond to supply you with a phenomenal selection of digital and in-store assets.

The Media Hub is exclusively for Studex customers and is accessible when logged into the website. Once you have landed on the page you will find:

  • A huge selection of images that you can use on your own social media channels, from videos about the service and products to promotional images and style shots to inspire.
  • You can download A3 and A4 posters and find images that you can use on your own websites and print material.
  • ‘How to’ guides to help you boost your social media interaction.

We are constantly refreshing and updating our assets to fit the season and for you to continue to engage with your customers. We would love for you to tag us #studexuk #studexstyle in your social posts so that we can see when you are using the imagery. Sharing your successes makes us really happy!

We have had some incredible feedback to our marketing support, so if you would like to find out how we can support your business this summer and throughout the year, please look at what some of our customers have to say:

“The kids love to receive the Super Brave Stickers and Certificates after their piercings. This new range has helped my business look more professional and welcoming for kids. When they know they’re getting a sticker and certificate after their piercing it puts them at ease knowing they’re getting a reward afterwards, and parents are very impressed with this added extra so I’ve had many good reviews!”

Hannah, Perry’s Piercings

“I’ve been using System 75 for over 19 years. The sales and media marketing team have helped my ear-piercing side of the business blossom. To be able to offer their products for treatments and retail is effortless. This month I received a fantastic Super Brave marketing product pack. Taking pictures for my social media account has been so much fun. The response has been outstanding, and I’ve received many new clients. Thank you to all the team at Studex for your constant support and fantastic offers.”

Aimee Johnson

“I’ve been piercing now for nearly 8 years. I absolutely love the Studex 75 system. However, what I love more is the marketing material that is provided for young children – they absolutely love it! When they’ve had their piercings, I provide them with a certificate and a teddy bear and their faces light up. Happier still are the parents, and they tell all their friends, so all of my piercings are from recommendation.”

Suki, Mrs Feelgood Beauty Lounge

If you would like to find out more about how we can support your business, you can register for an account here , use the website chat function or contact us by calling 01733 232350 or emailing