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Nose piercing – what you need to know!

Nose piercing dates back over 4000 years and has traditionally symbolised cultural moments such as a coming of age or marital status.  In Europe, nose piercing became increasingly popular in the 80s with the punk revolution and has remained a firm favourite as more and more intricate and stylish jewellery has been made available.  

There are two ways to get a nose piercing: 

The Medisept system is designed for piercing the nostril with an elegant titanium stud positioned at the time of piercing for hygiene purposes.  It is possible to pierce both sides and even twice on the same side, however we would advise waiting for each piercing to heal before adding a second piercing.

Nose piercing with Medisept is less painful than people may think.  The process is quick and designed to be as comfortable as possible for the customer.  It is perfectly normal for the area to “tickle” and may bring a tear to the eye post piercing, however it is comparable to how you feel before sneezing.  Getting used to having the jewellery in place can take a few days!

Just like all piercings, the aftercare is important to ensure safe healing. Here are some nose piercing aftercare tips:

If you’re a piercing professional looking to offer a nose piercing service, we offer free training with purchase of a starter kit.

If you are gearing up for reopening, we remain available to support you and your team throughout, so just drop us a line at or call 01733 232350 and someone will gladly take you through any queries you might have.