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How to wear mismatched earrings

Non-traditional trends are growing in popularity and in the world of accessories, mismatching is the in thing. Gone are the days of matching pairs being the only way to wear earrings; the mismatched trend is all about shifting out of your comfort zone with bold, confident looks that buck tradition. 

The mismatch trend is about channelling your personality and breaking the rules, and whilst there isn’t a wrong way to do it, the perfect match requires a little more thought than closing your eyes and reaching for two completely random earrings; there is some method to the mismatched madness! 

Here are a few pointers to consider as you get creative: 

Theme: Picking earrings that are visually different but sit within the same theme is a great place to start. The theme could be geometric shapes, or flowers or boats…it’s completely up to you! Once you’ve picked a theme, play around with different combinations until you find one which works for you. 

Scale: Earrings come in all shapes and sizes, so have fun playing with scale. This could look like a mixture of studs and a large hoop, for example, or even a cluster of studs in different sizes and shapes. 

Colour: Try choosing earrings with either complementing or contrasting colour palettes. This could be as simple as choosing black and white earrings to wear together or get creative and try one of these complementary colour combinations: 

• Red and green
•Blue and orange
•Yellow and purple
•Yellow-green and red-purple
• Red-orange and blue-green

Material: Mixing materials is a great way to add texture and definition to your look. Start simple with materials that offer a similar colour palette. 

Small or large, round or not, birthstone or plain, studs are completely timeless. They’re the perfect addition to your collection, allowing you to get creative by mixing and matching with other statement pieces. Here are a few of our favourite options to add versatility to your collection: 

If you’re considering getting additional piercings, we’ve put together a list of the main things to consider to ensure you have the best experience possible.