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Shine Bright . . .

‘Tis the season to be jolly . . . so make your customers sparkle this festive season! As we continue to look at enhancing the piercing experience you can offer, what better way than to give the gift of diamonds. Not just a girl’s best friend, nor just for Christmas, a diamond piercing is for life and the perfect way to make the experience one to be cherished!

With a selection of genuine diamonds available to offer customers, with settings in 9ct and 14ct Gold, we are here to help you offer the very best for your customers! As piercing remains very much on trend, whether that memorable first piercing, or an inspired, curated multi piercing, when you talk to your customer about the stunning diamond package, why would they not go for the very best.

From the beautiful selection of earrings we have available for piercing, a genuine diamond is aspirational, desirable and a timeless classic.

Our Premium Package for diamond piercing includes:

  • 9ct or 14ct Gold set genuine Diamond earring
    • 5pt and 8pt available
  • A Certificate of Authenticity
  • A black Gift Box to treasure your new sparkle
  • 9ct or 14ct Gold clutches for use after the healing period
  • All packaged in an organza Gift Bag

For you to promote this exclusive service in store, we have everything you need from beautiful posters to stunning images to share on your social media. Your customers need to know that you offer an in store diamond piercing service so make sure piercers know how to talk about the premium package.

Always introduce the diamond as an option when discussing the selection with customers. Starting at the top with the most premium style gives customers the option to choose the very best. Customers like to know more about the options available so do talk about the benefits of a diamond piercing and why it really is the best choice:

  • A lifetime piece of jewellery – the customer is enjoying a high quality, professional service as well as a keepsake pair of earrings
  • A timeless classic style which will compliment any occasion
    • Perfect for that special first piercing
    • Stunning for a cartilage piercing
  • Enhance the piercing service with the beautiful Premium Package. The additional items with the Diamond Package add extra value and meaning!

Speak with us today to find out how piercing with Studex can help enhance your piercing service as well as your customer’s experience. Studex – making every memory precious with Earrings you can Trust.