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Piercing Stations Top Tips and Guidance

Having a sterile, clean and tidy piercing station is key for any business looking to create extra revenue through offering a piercing service. Below are some of our piercing station top tips and guidance in maintaining the best standards.  

  1. Be sure to properly clean and sanitise all equipment between piercings
    Have your surface disinfectant easily accessible to make it easier during your busier periods. Remember to clean all surfaces of the piercing station as well as the chair. Piercing equipment is to be cleaned as per training guidelines. 
  2. It is important that your piercing station area is comfortable and located in a safe environment
    Make sure the piercing station is clean and comfortable for customers. It should also be located in a safe area that provides good lighting.
  3. Accessories are a must!
    Have a mirror and hair clips available for customers.   
  4. Don’t forget your consumables
    In the run up to busy times, it is important to ensure you are well stocked up on your consumable items, for example:
  1. Offer a variety of jewellery options
    Have a wide offering of products in stock to allow customers to choose from different types of metals, styles, and sizes. To efficiently manage stock levels and the different varieties of earrings you offer, organise stock in sequence with the display board so it’s easy to identify when stock levels are low.
  2. Make sure your display board is clean and kept up to date
    Top Tip! If you are thinking of adding new styles, contact us for samples. 
  3. Train staff on Customer Service
    It’s not only important to train staff on how to provide excellent Customer Service and how to handle any customer enquiries but also ensuring they understand piercing ages, areas you can pierce, prices, and of course, best practices. Your staff members should also be confident and enthusiastic to ‘sell’ the piercing services. 

  1. Maintain good communication with customers
    Before, during, and after the piercing process – this can include following up with customers to ensure proper aftercare is being carried out.
  2. Stay up-to-date on industry trends and best practices
    This can include attending industry conferences, trade shows and refresher training. You can also keep up to date by signing up to our emails, following us on socials and keeping an eye out for our latest blogs.
  3. Take promoting your piercing service that one step further
    After piercing, pop the client’s aftercare in a little bag with your logo on and if it’s a nose piercing, you could put a few plasters in to make sure the customer puts the plaster on at bedtime to go that extra mile in supporting healing. Another great addition to add in is a few cotton buds, with their registration form, so the customer has everything they need. 
  1. Make your piercing service an experience
    For children, the best way to do this is to use our Super Brave Marketing Pack which helps get children really excited and even helps encourage them to do their aftercare. The Studex Teddy or Rabbit is great for children’s piercing as they can hold them while getting their ears pierced, or if you have them in stock you can also sell them. 

Some great furniture to give your piercing station a revamp

Esthetix luxury spa stratum trolley

Esthetix comfort salon chair, white

Odyssey 1000 mobile sink

Tiffany mobile link

REM oasis wall unit standard mirror