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New Ranges Galore!

We are excited to announce our NEW Studex Spring/Summer collection; Crystal Shimmers, available in System 75 and Sensitive ranges. In addition to this we are also enhancing our current System 75 range with 16 new styles. We can’t wait to see you curate your customers ears with these amazing new looks!

Crystal Shimmers

Our Crystal Shimmers range is inspired by the classic Aurora Borealis (AB) effect. The new shimmer styles allow for the earrings to radiate multiple shades of colour for more dazzling light refraction and movement. It is certainly a glamourous range and increases the sensory experience by merging the shimmer effect with bold crystal colours creating a range of beautiful hues. The one of a kind brilliance and intense luminosity are a result of alternating large and small facets, offering a range of stunning finishes which will entice your clients. 

The range includes five different Shimmer shades

The stunning Shimmer Crystals are encased in a Gold Plated Tiffany setting and are available in the Studex System 75 range to enhance your piercing selection. To compliment the Piercing range, Studex also offers the styles in the Sensitive Retail collection to add a new glamourous element to your retail range. 

Additional Lines

The additional lines range from 9ct to 18ct Yellow Gold and White Gold, Gold Plated and Stainless, making it a great collection that will have something for everyone. You can expect to see a range of colour as well as some more subtle and elegant earrings, perfect for any occasion this Spring/Summer. 

Some of the new styles include 18ct Gold 3mm Pearl, Stainless Tiffany 5mm April Crystal, Gold Plated 6 Stone Daisy Rose and a 14ct White Gold 4mm Pink Cubic Zirconia

With flower power making a come back this Spring/Summer it is the perfect time to wear our new Rose Pink Daisy, or if you are looking for a subtle touch of flower power, add our new clear Crystal Daisies. 

With Sheer fabrics trending for many years now but never more so than Spring/Summer 2023 and statement party bags being a must, there’s no better earring to pair this with than our new April Crystals or our AB Crystals both ranging in White Gold and Stainless to finish the look! 

Heart motifs are everywhere this season so what better way to accessorise than with our new Stainless 4mm Heart Shape earrings. 

No more neon! Make room for pastels, with candyfloss pink coming in heavy this next season. Make sure you are up to date with the trend and don’t miss out on our new 14ct White Gold Pink Cubic Zirconia, this will sure be a colour your clients are after. 

Sunset ombre is coming in hot this Spring/Summer making it the perfect time to introduce our loved Crystal Shimmers to your range so be prepared this season and make sure your ranges are up to date. Get your ears trending this Spring/Summer and don’t forget to tag us at @studex_uk in all of your new looks! 

If you need any advice or have any questions regarding our new collection, please do not hesitate to contact us and we would be more than happy to help.