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Maximising Your Piercing Events

What better way to start your piercing journey than with an event! Launch parties are the best way to shout about your new service, invite all your current clients and be sure to post about it on your social channels to encourage new clients into your business.

Build a buzz around the event and ensure you have enough time to promote it. Get creative on your socials and produce Instagram Polls to get an idea of how many people are interested in attending and what they would like to see at the event. Reels are a great way of grabbing people’s attention, so why not create video content of you preparing for the event e.g. goody bags, setting up to help create excitement and share it with your followers. Creating an event page on Facebook and inviting all your clients will help you keep track of those who are attending and encourage them to bring a plus one of their choice. The Studex Media Hub has an array of assets such as social posts and posters to help promote your piercing service.  
Consider offering a range of promotions to help encourage people to attend the event and find out about what you are offering. Some promotional examples include FREE Piercing when you purchase a pair of piercing earrings or offer a pair of Sensitive or Tiny Tips Retail earrings free of charge with every piercing, this ensures they have the best earrings to wear when they have completed the aftercare process and introduces them to your retail range. 

Offer a pair of earrings free of charge with every piercing

Create a buzz about your business with an event

Invite the press to your event, including local newspapers, magazines and any online publications. Local social influencers are also a great way of getting your business and services spoken about online. They may or may not attend, but even an invitation can put your business name into new hands!

Hosting a launch event is a great way to attract word of mouth marketing and is a great networking opportunity which allows you to educate your clients on the piercing process, the safety measures you enforce as well as the range of products you offer in your premisses. Launch events can help create a memorable experience for attendees and a great opportunity to create a positive lasting impression, encouraging your clients to come to you for all their piercing needs.

Be Super Brave!

With the summer holidays being a peak time for piercing, why not consider and summer piercing party to encourage younger clients and their families to visit you! The Studex Super Brave range offers a fantastic way to create a memorable experience for that first piercing!

Top Tips for a Successful Event:

Contact us to find out how we can help support your event.

Promotional Items:

Already launched your piercing service?

Then ensure you are hosting regular piercing parties, especially around key times of the year, Christmas, summer holidays and half terms. With the huge ongoing trend of the ‘curated’ ear more and more people want to make the experience as memorable as possible by getting piercings together. By hosting an event this allows your clients to enjoy some social time and perhaps receive discounted or bundled services which allows them to come back into the salon for a different treatment or service.

Most of all, when offering a launch event, make sure you and your staff have fun and use it as an opportunity to shout about all the services your business has to offer!