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Elevate Your Piercing Service: The Art of Upselling with Studex

Are you ready to take your piercing service to new heights? Upselling is a key strategy that can enhance your business and provide a memorable experience for your customers. At Studex, we understand the importance of upselling, whether it’s through aftercare products or offering a range of precious metals. Let’s explore how Studex can help you become the go-to destination for piercing services.

Precious Metals: Elevate Your Style and Quality

By offering a piercing service this allows for many opportunities to upsell, so it is vital to utilise it. Not only does piercing increase footfall into your business it also allows for the opportunity for people to see what other services you offer and gives you chance to discuss this and upsell in person. Don’t forget you can always do a cross promotion with other services you offer. 

When upselling precious metals, it is important to know your price points and talk customers through the range with the benefits of each metal. Upselling to Gold or White Gold will give customers the best quality earrings and a piece of jewellery for life. 

Some key points when talking your customers through different metals:

  • 9ct/ 14ct / 18ct Gold and White Gold are great quality earrings for a first piercing and are an investment piece of jewellery for life. 
  • 24ct Gold Plated is at a slightly cheaper price and is a great option if your customer likes the look of gold but doesn’t have a large budget. Gold Plated is a safe metal which is surgical stainless steel, plated in 24ct Gold. 
  • Stainless Steel is a surgical grade of stainless. Again, a safe metal for piercing and a cheaper price point. 
  • Titanium is a choice that a lot of body piercers use and is often used for any customers who know they have a sensitivity to metals. 

Advanced Piercing Aftercare: Elevate the Healing Process

You can also upsell through your piercing service by stocking Studex’s Advanced Piercing Aftercare Lotion. Studex’s innovative Advanced Lotion is one of a kind aftercare that is Exclusive to Studex Piercing Partners, by stocking this it helps make your piercing service unique.  Advanced allows for a quicker healing time and not only does it help reduce redness and inflammation but allows for you to change your jewellery even sooner. Studex Advanced is the perfect addition for parents to use during school holidays. 

Retail Earrings: Elevate the Earring Experience

Studex have two retail ranges available to compliment your current ear piercing service: Sensitive and Tiny Tips. Both ranges offer different sized stands to suit your business and showcase a variety of styles to suit all tastes. 

Tiny Tips

Studex Tiny Tips are specially designed for little ears and come in a variety of fun shapes and vibrant colours. They are hypoallergenic and extremely gentle on sensitive ears. Tiny Tips are made with surgical stainless steel and can be worn every day. 

  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Sterilised packaging
  • Smaller earrings ideal for children 
  • 24ct Gold Plated and Surgical Grade Stainless
  • Available in two retails stands.
  • Secure butterfly

Studex Sensitive

Studex Sensitive range has a variety of styles to choose from with all earrings being hypoallergenic which are skin friendly and gentle enough for daily wear. Every pair is designed mindful of the latest trends and some of the most popular styles that include cubic zirconia, high quality crystals and simulated pearls. 

  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Available in three stand sizes
  • Over 100 styles to choose from 
  • 24ct Gold Plated and Surgical Grade Stainless
  • Secure butterfly

When it comes to upselling your retail earrings remember to mention that all of the earrings are hypo allergenic and are perfect for all age groups and skin types. With something for everyone they are the perfect complimentary product for customers that have had their ears pierced or can be great gift suggestions making them an unmissable opportunity. For information on the ranges available contact us to find out more.

When promoting your piercing service in general some key things are important to highlight to your customers, some being the below:

Curated Ear: Elevate Personalised Piercing Experiences

One popular style of ear piercing is the Curated Ear, which involves piercing the entire length of the ear (lobe and cartilage) and decorating the piercings with different types of earrings that vary is size, shapes and colours. This is a great opportunity to get your customers to keep coming back to ‘decorate’ their ears with you! It is important to inspire your customers by offering them a variety of earring styles and providing them with this option. 

Contact us today to discover how Studex can support your piercing service and help you reach new levels of success. Let’s elevate your piercing journey together!