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Dance World Cup 2023: Supporting Extraordinary Talent

The Dance World Cup is the largest all genre international dance competition for children and young adults that has teams competing from all over the world. The competition can also be known as the ‘Olympics of dance’, some of the genres include Ballet, Tap, Contemporary and Hip Hop. The finals of the competition will take place in Braga in Portugal on 30th June and will run until 8th July with 7,500 children’s competitions against 50 different countries. 

At Studex we strive to empower and support our customers by shinning a spotlight on their extraordinary stories however we can. This year we have decided to take it one step further and not only support all nations competing but sponsor Wales in The Dance World Cup 2023. 

The Celtic Beat School of Dance is based in Port Talbot, and we gifted them with bags full of goodies to help them during their time away in Braga. The gift bag consisted of a box of four Studex earrings, one being a Welsh Flag that we got produced especially for the team. We also provided them with travel mugs, our new Studex sparkling hairclips, Studex Advanced aftercare, a Studex teddy bear, and not to mention personalised rucksacks to help support this inspiring team anyway we can. 

They have 46 children competing that range from the age of 5 to 22 years old including a mixture of boys and girls. Team Wales has 96 routines altogether and with the event being live streamed, be sure to tune in and keep up to date with this fantastic team’s progress.

Aisha Jeng is the captain for Team Wales this year and was selected by the UK Dance World Cup Body. She was the gold medal winner in the World Cup 2022 and has also won the overall children’s girl of the World Cup tournament. Aisha is 13 years old and performs a mixture of solo’s, duo’s, trios and group dances that range from Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary and Lyrical.

“The girls have worked so hard to achieve this amazing experience and represent their country, which is a dream come true.  Dance gives  the girls so much more than rhythm, it teaches them strength, focus, independence, trust, teamwork, determination, dedication, elegance, emotion, fitness, fun and family”.

Sian Lloyd

As a global company, we extend our good luck wishes to all participating teams at the event. We eagerly anticipate witnessing everyone radiate their inner brilliance and sparkle.