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Cartilage Piercing – your questions, answered.

Piercing continues to be at the height of fashion and latest trends like the ‘Curated Ear’ have led to consumers looking to explore various parts of the ear to showcase jewellery, with the cartilage growing in popularity.

If you’re interested in offering cartilage piercings, we’ve answered some of our most frequently asked questions. 

Which system can I use to pierce cartilage?
Studex’s System 75 is a gentle, hand-pressured system, using pre-sterilised earrings which allow for an accurate piercing. 

Can I conduct multiple cartilage piercings in one appointment? 
It is not recommended to conduct multiple piercings in one appointment with cartilage piercing.

What are the healing times for a cartilage piercing? 
The key to a healthy cartilage piercing is to ensure that the aftercare process is followed for the duration of the healing period.

Cartilage healing times are dependent on which Aftercare Solution is being used:

 The healing times are a guideline, some clients may find their cartilage area takes longer to heal due to the nature of the area being pierced. It is important to ensure that clients are aware of the increased healing time and that they are dedicated to following the 12-week aftercare procedure.  

What do I need to take into consideration when choosing an area for a cartilage piercing?
The cartilage area is the firm, less pliable tissue that shapes the top of the ear.  The upper flat, cartilage area is the best area to pierce.  It provides the most space for the earring and earring back to rest comfortably on the ear and ensures that the earring is visible.

Before any cartilage piercing the area needs to be checked thoroughly at the front and back to take the shape into account.  Some cartilage areas are folded at the top of the ear which may mean that piercing with an instrument may not be possible.  You’re looking for a flat area which will allow the earring to sit well, and the butterfly not show when looking front on. 

You can also ask your client which side they tend to sleep on.  It is recommended that the opposite side is pierced so as to not make the piercing site feel uncomfortable at night-time. 

What earring style should I use for a cartilage piercing?
When piercing the cartilage, it is important to choose an earring style which is not too big.  We would recommend a smaller style; this will then ensure the earring sits neatly on the ear and doesn’t overpower the look of the ear.  

Additionally, titanium can be recommended if anyone has a high sensitivity to metals or had a previous cartilage piercing that did not settle.

Is there a minimum age requirement for a cartilage piercing?  
The recommended minimum age for Cartilage Piercing is 14 years of age.  For clients under 16 years of age, a parent or legal guardian must be present at the time of piercing to complete the Client Registration Form and authorise the piercing location.


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