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Service Success

Back to school means holiday time is over as everyone slowly gets back into a routine.  We are sure you have enjoyed a busy summer holiday and it is now time to reflect on the success of your piercing business during the peak weeks!

Promoted effectively, your piercing service should have ensured you were the first-choice destination for piercing with your current customers as well as attracting new customers to your business.  With more and more people shopping online, the benefits of offering a service not available on the internet is invaluable.

Over the busy summer, did you take the opportunity to introduce piercing customers to your other products and services?  The 15 to 20 minutes spent in the piercing chair is great for chatting with your customer. 

Have you opened the lines of communication to keep in touch post piercing?  Inviting your customers back after the 6 / 12 weeks of healing time to make sure they are happy with everything is a wonderful add-on service.  As well as assisting with any queries and additional purchased, it will also add the finishing touch to a first-class service package!

Remember that Studex has a beautiful selection of earrings with the Sensitive range and child-friendly Tinytips jewellery.  Earrings are safe, hypo-allergenic and a great option for customers worried about metal sensitivity.  Find out more about the great selection of retail displays on offer to support your business!