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Company Update – Covid-19

We would like to take the opportunity to offer the below as an update to the current ongoing health situation.  As a company we are committed to continuing to support our customers and our employee wellbeing.

Studex piercing systems are manufactured to FDA medical grade standards offering safe piercing with no direct contact, pre-sterilised jewellery contained in a single use, disposable cartridge.  When performed to best practice standards, piercing is a hygienic and safe service.

Operators are washing hands, wearing disposable gloves and not in direct contact with the skin, preventing the risk of cross-contamination.  We are also now advising that customers are asked to wash / sanitise their hands prior to and after piercing.

Studex remains committed to ensuring safe practices for both operators and consumers alike and will continue to review and update our advice in line with Government and Public Health Authority guidelines and instruction.

We would also advise that everyone should continue to operate within their own company guidelines and advice.

Our website will be updated with any changes in Government advice.

For PDF copies of our best practice training documentation, please get in touch.