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The ever popular nose piercing!

The popularity of nose piercings has grown massively over the years, with it now being highly popular with older demographics and increasing fashion trend for men.

Nose piercings adorn many famous celebrities, including Zhavia Ward, Justin Bieber, Alyssa Milano, Kelly Clarkson and Travis Barker to name just a few, most commonly wearing diamond nose studs, but sometimes also ruby or emerald studs.

Piercing with the Studex Medisept piercing instrument is quick, simple and easy, as well as being virtually pain free! This way of piercing, which is a safe alternative to needle piercings, allows for a higher profit margin and is far less intimidating than a needle.

Did you know…

As far as ancient traditions go, woman mostly prefer to get their left nostril pierced as it is said that it is connected to the female reproductive system essentially helping ease the labour pain during childbirth.

Cosmetically, the side people choose can depend on hairstyles, partings and even based on their favourite selfie-side!

Cultural reasoning, nose piercing can hold religious and cultural importance. For example, a young Hindu girl would get her nose pierced upon attaining maturity which serves as an indication that she’s eligible for marriage. It can also be given as a gesture of love by her family, along with various other jewellery pieces since daughters are considered as Laxmi (the goddess of prosperity).

Nose piercing is favoured as a way to add more glamour and beauty to your face and with Studex Advanced Aftercare you can switch up your style in 6 weeks rather than 8 weeks, although it is important not to leave your nose stud out for too long after the healing time as the nose can close up extremely quickly.  

If you already offer ear piercing, contact us to find out how simple it is to add nose piercing to your service portfolio.