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Half Term Heroes with Studex

School holidays have traditionally presented the perfect opportunity to have that new piercing.  Whether a promised reward or a spontaneous treat, with time at home to look after your piercing without the chaos of the school day, it can be the best time to visit your local Studex partner.

With a wide range of businesses trained and equipped to offer this special service, take the time to find your local Studex partner who can offer you, not only a fantastic selection of high quality earrings, but also the NEW Studex ADVANCED aftercare.  

By choosing a Studex piercing, you can ask your piercer about this amazing new aftercare product which is Dermatologist tested, has a skin neutral pH and works with your body to protect your new piercing – especially important for younger customers.  This 3 week application for ear lobes and 8 weeks for cartilage means that you can change your earrings quicker but still continue to clean and care for your new piercing.

During these uncertain times Studex piercing partners have adopted new measures to continue to offer safe piercing.  System 75 is gentle for little ears with all earrings sterilised for piercing you can trust.  Our piercers are trained in not only how to offer a high quality service but also to offer that personal touch and add a sparkle of magic to reassure even the most nervous of customers.

With an extensive selection of high quality, hypoallergenic jewellery, your Studex piercer can talk you through the range available.  You or your little one may choose a classic, premium 18ct, 14ct or 9ct Gold earring or maybe you are looking for more “fun fashion” with one of our crystal daisies, shiny hearts, fashionable flamingos or super cute paw prints.

If you choose a more classic Gold earring for that beautiful new piercing, you can always ask about the Tinytips and Sensitive retail ranges.  Tinytips has a great choice, designed specifically for children and young adults with all earrings sterilised and sealed for added care for little ears.  We especially love the rainbow daisy, glitter butterfly and AB Crystal.  

The Sensitive range offers an extensive selection of hypoallergenic fashion earrings recommended for post piercing.  From classic CZs to glitzy fireballs and a whole rainbow of butterflies and daisies, there is something for everyone.

Studex has everything you need and more for your half term holiday piercings – superhero systems, out of this world aftercare and fashion forward products for princes and princesses!  Find out where you can enjoy the benefits of a Studex piercing by contacting us today.