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System 75 Starter Kit

System 75 Starter Kit

Ref: 75-9500/SK

The System 75 Starter Kit has been carefully selected to provide your business with everything you will need to establish your successful piercing service. The selection of earrings includes best-selling styles across all metals for you to offer your Customers the finest range.

Purchase of the great value Starter Kit importantly includes FREE, certificated training with one of our highly experienced Trainers to ensure confidence and competence with the piercing process and system.

Click here to contact us and add piercing to your company's products.

    System 75 Starter Kit includes:

  • System 75 Instrument Kit (2 instruments)

  • 18 pairs of assorted earrings (9ct Gold, 24ct Gold Plated, Stainless Steel, Titanium)

  • Ear Piercing Display Board (18 styles)

  • 18 bottles of After Piercing Solution

  • 1 Client Registration Book and Aftercare leaflet (100)

  • Non Toxic Marking Pen

  • Mediswabs

  • 3 practice earrings

  • Hard Surface Disinfectant

  • Studex Mug

  • White Studex Hand Mirror

  • Studex Hand Sanitiser 280ml Bottle

  • 2 practice ears

  • 2 earring storage trays

  • 6 Brave Kid certificates

  • 1 Window Sticker

  • FREE onsite Training