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Studex PLUS Starter Kit

Studex PLUS Starter Kit

Ref: DCN-SK-1

The Studex Plus Starter Kit provides any piercer starting up a business with a comprehensive selection of best-selling earrings and the necessary equipment to establish themselves.

The earrings are a great base upon which to build your own range, with a box of 12 bottles of After Piercing Solution to ensure clients follow the recommended aftercare programme.

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    Studex Plus Starter Kit includes:

  • Studex Plus Kit (1 instrument in protective carry case)

  • 12 pairs of assorted best-selling earrings (24ct Gold Plated, Stainless Steel)

  • 12 bottles of After Piercing Solution

  • 1 Client Registration and Aftercare booklet (15)

  • Non Toxic Marking Pen

  • Mediswabs

  • Ear piercing window sticker