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Medisept Nose Piercer Starter Kit

Medisept Nose Piercer Starter Kit

Ref: NP-SP

The Medisept Nose Piercing Starter Kit has been put together to ensure that you have the equipment and selection of jewellery to start your nose piercing business.

Purchase of the great value Medisept Starter Kit importantly includes FREE, certificated training with one of our highly experienced Trainers to ensure confidence and competence with the piercing process and system.

Click here to contact us and add piercing to your company's products.

    Medisept Starter Kit includes:

  • Medisept Nose Piercing Starter Kit

  • 15 assorted Titanium Nose studs

  • Nose Piercing Instrument Kit

  • 1 x Nose Piercing Display Board

  • 15 bottles of After Piercing Solution

  • 1 x Non Toxic Marking Pen

  • 1 x Nose Piercing Registration Book

  • 1 Window Sticker

  • 1 x Hard Surface Disinfectant

  • 1 x Studex Hand Sanitiser

  • 1 x Nose Piercing Pricelist

  • 1 x White Studex Hand Mirror

  • Medisept Nose Piercing DVD

  • Studex Mug

  • FREE onsite Training